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Our Expertise

Have an idea?  Want to bring it to market?

Thinking the distribution channel you want is within the franchised dealer network?  Getting your product ready to compete in this market can prove to be a difficult task.  Is your product legal in the state(s) where you want to offer it?

Is it competitively priced versus its competion? Have you created a value proposition for the seller and buyer? Marketing material?  Focus groups?  We can handle it all and get you where you need to be...



Product Building

Why limit yourself? Specialization is for insects! PassKey's management team has experience in all aspects of running a franchised dealership. With a track record of increasing efficiencies and profitability in all departments we have partnered with software providers to develop automated processes that help dealers create more revenue.  We have also mastered creating and building products for others... So, if you have an idea and need help bringing it to market you’ve found the right place.

Branding & Marketing
Retro &
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