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Product Suite 

PassKey offers premium products that automobile, powersports, construction and agricultural machinery franchised dealers can offer to their customers.  PassKey's products offer customers unparalleled value and provide exceptional benefits. Dealers can feel confident offering these products knowing that PassKey's product offerings are backed by major insurance carriers and handled by world class administrators. 

We invented the key replacement membership back in 2004 because we saw the need for it first hand.  Losing your car keys is not only a hassle, it's also expensive. Take a look at what one key replacement could cost:Toyota Key Replacement $475, Nissan Key Replacement $365, Mazda Key Replacement $355, Honda Key Replacement $285.  Offer your customers the PassKey™Guaranteed Key Replacement membership and they receive the following benefits, which are backed by a major, "A" rated, insurer: Programmable key and fob replacement up to $750 per occurence, $200 of additional keys, traceable key tag retrieval system that protects your identity, rental up to $50, towing up to $100, home and vehicle lock out assistance up to $85 each and $50 for taxi assistance... see contract for terms and limits.

InvisibleVin uses patented fluorescent chemical technology to permanently mark a vehicle's parts with the complete vehicle identification number (VIN).  InvisibleVin's patented method utilizes a computer generated stencil that allows it's proprietary chemical (which took 5 years to develop) to migrate through layers of paint leaving the complete a theft ID code embedded into the finish.  Backed by an "A" rated insurer InvisibleVin's Limited Warranty, if purchased, can provide the following benefits: $2,500-$5,000 if your vehicle is declared a total loss due to theft; $1,000 for partial loss; and $1,000 for alloy wheel theft. Plans and benefits vary by vehicle type, state where purchased, and offering availability. Please see InvisibleVin Limited Warranty where product is offered for details.

Did you know exterminators use ultra violet flashlights to locate scorpions?  The deadly little creatures glow in the

dark under UV light!  Now the "scorpion” as a mascot, hopefully, makes sense.  Scorpion Mark was created at the request of construction equipment distributors.  

ScorpionMark is a covert ID theft marking that uses an alpha-numeric code. Alpha-numeric codes are printed on pre-made stencils and then the vehicle info, alpha-numeric code, and customer information is stored in our database.  Law enforcement can contact us through our website, which is clearly listed below every mark, to locate the rightful owner of the recovered stolen equipment. Scorpion Mark also carries product guarantees and insurance backing that are similar to InvisibleVin's.  Scorpion Mark is currently available for wheel theft, auto theft, and construction and agriculture machinery theft with benefits up to $5,000*

*See Limited Warranty Contract for terms and limitations.

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